About My Project




The original idea of this project is reflection which I was inspired by looking up at the surface in the water.

Like the beauty that kaleidoscope produces one after another, I was able to visualize the harmony of nature and the cycle of life by making a piece of photographs symmetrical multiple times.

Seeing this kaleidoscopic beauty and “mandala” that represents a sacred place and divinity having symbols of nature and divines in common, the project expresses a sense of awe of ocean.

How they are made


Each work is originally one complete underwater photo I had taken.

What I did was to flip a portion of an object in the photo horizontally or vertically and keep repeating the process until the image reaches to the one I imagine.



I make use of strobe lights to reproduce vivid colors since the ocean deep inside absorbs any vivid colors as you go deeper. Depending on the depth and the clarity of water, I use different techniques such as capturing sunlight and making various type of lights to show objects more three-dimensionally by emphasizing light and shadow.